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January 2014
GridQTL is back in service

August 2013
GridQTL version 3.3.0 & CloudQTL 1.3.0 are released.
  • Cloud and Grid alignment for final release.

May 2013
GridQTL version 3.2.0 & CloudQTL 1.2.0 are released.
  • Cloud Updates
  • VCA fixes.
  • Viewer fixes with greater than 25 chromosomes.

November 2012
GridQTL version 3.1.0 & CloudQTL 1.1.1 are released.
  • New local server.
  • Updates to ECDF, Hector and Cloud configurations.
  • VCA fixes.

May 2012
GridQTL version 3.0.0. is released.
  • External computer resources now concentrated on Edinburgh ECDF, Cloud and Hector.
  • Internal computer middleware now concentrated on Grid Engine; Globus middleware dropped.
  • Foundations laid for future Cloud and Hector service and new Variance Component Analysis (VCA) method.

Christmas 2011
GridQTL version 2.1.7. is released.
  • Final criteria for pushing analyses onto the Grid - when dealing with 4 or more chromosomes.
  • Internal foundations laid for 3.0.0 GridQTL - Variance Component Analyses for Spring 2012 and for version 1.0.0 of CloudQTL - moving from Grid to Cloud Computing - Summer 2012.

December 1st 2011
GridQTL version 2.1.6. is released.
  • Data with more than 100 markers sent to Grid by default.
  • Define maximum number of markers on one chromsome as 3500.
  • LDLA - restrict to 200 markers and 1200 samples.

September 12th 2011
GridQTL version 2.1.5. is released.
  • Reference in Forum for LDLA errors, hints and use as purely LA tool.
  • Length of project names further limited due to increasing numbers of chromosomes in simulations.

June 16th 2011
GridQTL featured in "International Science Grid This Week"

May 31st 2011
GridQTL version 2.1.4. is released.
  • Bug Fix For HS Fatal Error Messages.
  • GridQTL User Forum available.

March 17th 2011
GridQTL version 2.1.3. is released.
  • Bug Fix For Non ASCII characters in project names.
  • Bug Fix to manual Grid option.
  • Final Grid overhaul for costed computing services (to be borne by GridQTL).

March 1st 2011
GridQTL version 2.1.2. is released.
  • Bug Fix to 2.1.1.

February 21st 2011
GridQTL version 2.1.1. is released.
  • Realignment of Grid Services

February 10th 2011
GridQTL version 2.1.0. is released.
  • Extra Intelligence in Grid Broker

November 16th 2010
GridQTL version 2.0.0. is released.
  • Addition of LDLA and Epistasis Modules

October 27th 2010
GridQTL version 1.5.2. is released.
  • Improvements to Tree Module
  • Improvements to Error and Warnings.

August 6th 2010
GridQTL version 1.5.1. is released.
  • Larger data sets can be run (up to 3500 markers on a chromosome)
  • Grid Broker improved.

June 18th 2010
GridQTL version 1.5.0. is released.
  • Second Stage of Grid - the NGS.

March 12th 2010
GridQTL version 1.4.1. is released.
  • Registration for new user available.

February 25th 2010
GridQTL version 1.4.0. is released.
  • Automated downloads of Grid analyses.
  • Queuing system for analyses to prevent bottlenecks.
  • Viewer improved in connection with new queuing system.
  • Complete refactoring to allow for easy slot in of future Grids and portal systems.
  • Ability to run analyses that contain up to around 1500 markers on any chromosome.

December 2nd 2009
A new Epistasis module has been released in beta form.

May 26th 2009
GridQTL version 1.3.2. is released.

May 8th 2009
GridQTL version 1.3.1. is released.

March 20th 2009
GridQTL version 1.3.0, the first to access the Grid, is released.

December 15th 2008
GridQTL version 1.2.7 is released.

November 7th 2008
GridQTL version 1.2.6 is released.

September 24th 2008
GridQTL version 1.2.5 is released.

May 2nd 2008
GridQTL version 1.2.4 is released.

May 2nd 2008
GridQTL will be unavailable from 16:00 UT Fri 2nd May for an update.

January 23rd 2008
GridQTL version 1.2.3 is released.

January 22nd 2008
GridQTL will be unavailable from 17:00 UT Tue 22nd January until Wed 23rd January for an update.

October 5th 2007
Version 1.2.2 is now installed.

October 4th 2007
GridQTL will be unavailable Friday 5th October, 10:00 AM UTC for about an hour as a new version is installed.

September 19th 2007
GridQTL has moved to a brand new server! A new version, 1.2.1, of GridQTL is also now in use.

September 2nd 2007
The GridQTL server has been taken down and is moving to a brand new server. Normal service will resume as soon as possible.

August 29th 2007
GridQTL server back online from 16.00 UTC today. A new version (1.2.0) of the portal is now running. This version contains a new Viewer which allows the user to display the list of simulations in a tree like structure. Note that any previously run simulations with earlier versions will not be able to be viewed. These files have been archived and can be requested, if necessary, to be placed in the new format. Otherwise the user can simply re-run the data files that produced these results.

August 24th 2007
GridQTL server will be offline from 10.00 UTC today and for the next few days to allow the installation of a new version (1.2.0) of the portal.

February 28th 2007
GridQTL server will be offline from 9.00 (GMT) today to allow the installation of a new version of the portal.

February 7th 2007
GridQTL 1.1.1. is released. This contains the bug fix to the Power module allowing simulations to be run.

January 8th 2007
GridQTL will be offline from 9.00 (GMT) Tuesday 9th January whilst work is being carried out on our building. The service should be back on Wednesday 10th.